Hydrogeological and geophysical

Hydrogeological and geophysical surveys are advanced useful techniques to locate the most suitable sites to drill successful water well. Sahan Pioneers employs wide range of geophysical investigation techniques that can solve most of the common questions regarding groundwater prospection and mapping using a powerful and highly sensitive instruments.

➢ Abem Terrameter Sas1000: We use ABEM Terrameter SAS 1000 for prospecting the groundwater. It is a highly competent Resistivity/IP system suitable for many different types of applications. By measuring both resistivity and IP simultaneously, it distinguishes between clays and fresh water.

Abem Walktem 2 :
The Abem Walktem 2 is aelectromagnetic instrument used for rapid survey solution that can provide precise resistivity models directly in the field for the search, mapping and monitoring of groundwater, mineral deposits, and environmental change With Walktem 2, Depths of 800+ meter below ground level can be investigated. A high sensitivity to conductive materials makes TEM extremely useful in groundwater studies, for example differentiating between fresh, brackish, and saline water.


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